A pouch of Kusaki Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea

Get Zen Focus In 5 Minutes

Drink Kusaki Matcha every day to improve your energy, focus, mood, and concentration. Guaranteed.

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    Clean Energy

    Kusaki contains caffeine and L-theanine, which provide sustained energy and focus without the jitters or crash associated with coffee

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    Great for Skin

    Kusaki has EGCG which is a well known antioxidant that firms and brightens skin. Chlorophyll in matcha also clears acne and boosts skin clarity

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    Boost Gut Health

    Matcha populates your gut with healthy bacteria which can improve overall health. The polyphenols in matcha also ease digestion too.

What People Are Saying

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    their matcha tasted amazing! I wish Kusaki all the success :)

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    Absolutely love the matcha and have now integrated it into my daily routine!

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    my word did it taste good!

Why Kusaki?

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    From The Best Tea Region In Japan

    Kusaki comes exclusively from Uji, Japan. The farms here have been making the highest quality matcha for centuries.

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    Shade Grown

    Before harvesting, Kusaki is shade grown for up to a month. This ensures nutrient density, flavour, and amino acid concentration

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    Hand Selected

    A 9th dan tea master selects the best leaves to be ground into Kusaki matcha. They're ground just before leaving Japan for maximum freshness.